Starters and Snacks

Fish Soup

Home-made to our own recipe,served with crusty bread


King Prawns in Garlic

Whole king prawns cooked in garlic, served with crusty bread

£ 9.95

Gambas Pil Pil

Peeled Prawns roasted with chillies in oil & butter, served with crusty bread



Anchovies marinated with garlic, served with crusty bread


Cornish Sardines

Pan fried, served with salad garnish, lemon wedge and brown bread


Herring Roes

Pan fried with a touch of garlic, served on hot buttered toast with salad garnish and lemon wedge


Moules Mariniere

Always fresh and sourced from the best available. Cooked with white wine, garlic, onions and fresh cream and served with crusty bread

£7.95 / £11.95

Shell-on Prawns

A full pint or a half pint jug of sustainable North Atlantic prawns served with marie rose sauce,wholemeal bread and salad garnish

£11.95 / £6.95

Salt & Chilli Squid

Pan fried squid dusted with flour seasoned with salt and chilli, or if you prefer pan fried with garlic


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Side Orders

Side Salad

Mixed Salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, onion and mixed peppers with our homemade dressing


Portion of New Potatoes

Seasonal new potatoes with butter


Portion of Vegetables

Fresh seasonal vegetables


Bread & Butter

Demi 125gr Barra Gallega, hand made and baked on the premises


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Home-made Fish Pie

A mixture of fish in our own special sauce topped with creamed potatoes & melted cheese, served with crusty bread


Smoked Haddock Pot

Natural smoked haddock poached in milk and topped with a creamy leek,cheese & wholegrain mustard sauce, sliced tomato,scallop potatoes and finished under the grill with melted cheese, served with crusty bread


Poole Arms Seafood Casserole

Fish and shellfish stew with a Mediterranean influence, served with crusty bread


Cajun Style Cat Fish

Fillets of Catfish (pangasius) dusted in cajun spices and pan fried, served with coriander and lemon couscous and salad.If you would like it extra hot just ask


Smoked Haddock Fillet

Fresh locally sourced natural smoked haddock served on a bed of seasonal greens, topped with a poached egg and a side of new potatoes.


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Local Crab

Fresh dressed crab on a bed of mixed salad,served with mayo and brown bread


Mixed Seafood

Squid, mussels, cuttlefish, octopus, prawns, cockles and peppers marinated in oil served on a bed of salad with brown bread


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Please see our chalk board at the bar for the 'catch of the day'.

Everything we serve is cooked to order, all our fish is pan fried, grilled, poached or ovenbaked to your liking.


"Meeting today's needs while protecting tomorrows"

We are totally commited to responsible sourcing and cooking the best of the world's catch from well managed and sustainable fisheries.

Prices include VAT at the currant rate of 20%.

Gratuities are at your discreation and are split between the staff.